Livestock / Farmer Page

Dear Farmer,      

Please call store to check on slaughter and cutting prices. Website is not always up to date on Prices 

With your help, we at Del Fox Meats strive to be accurate and organized in our business.

  • USDA and WSDA Regulation of “Custom Exempt Slaughter” (“Custom Exempt” means Slaughter without inspection for Personal Consumption) Requires that we have contact info of our customers at or before the time the animals are Harvested/Slaughtered/Butchered. USDA FSIS Regulation 9 CFR 416.2 (g)(1)
  • We need you to be proactive so we can be productive. We are now requiring for you to have a complete list of your customers the week before/up to the same day of slaughter, you can give it to the butcher or call it in. This has always been a requirement, but we have not fully enforced it until now.
  • Your Buyers need to call us with their cutting/wrapping requests within two days of slaughter, (we will reach out to them if we can), but we have a lot of orders to line up and ideally, we would like to have cutting instructions the week before slaughter. Some people think they can wait until it’s time to cut but that is not acceptable, and their order will be a standard cut. (SORRY NO E-mails currently).
  • Payments and invoices; orders are invoiced after processing is complete. We charge butcher fees and cutting and wrapping and further processing according to each order. Payment is expected at the time the order is picked up.We do not mail out invoices.
  • If you are wanting to pay for part or all of an order that is being picked up by your customer, please inform us when scheduling (this is not part of our normal process and often creates confusion).
  • Collect your own payments for the meat as we do not want to be responsible for your monies.
  • Please understand, we are not a storage facility! Our Coolers and Freezers are full; therefore, we appreciate/expect you or your customer to pick the orders up promptly to avoid storage fees, generally 1-3 days once notice of completion has been given. Please plan to have your neighbor or friend or relative pick up if you are unable.
  • Bring your own containers, coolers, baskets or boxes to take your order home as our freezer trays and baskets stay here at the shop.
  • Pick Up Hours are Monday thru Saturday 9am-5:00pm.

Thank you!